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Fei Lung Kung Fu & Kickboxing Classes in Crayford Kent London & the South East


Terry has travelled to Dubai three times this year, having personally trained one of his clients, Sherine Jaffa.

Both Terry and Sherine completed the 2010 London Marathon in 4 hrs 58 mins and raised money for Trinity Hospice.


Fei Lung students participated in a Kick Boxing competition on the 18th July 2010 and the results are as follows:

Ben Veal won his first kickboxing bout having been training with Fei Lung for less than a year!

Alex Bannister won his second fight with ease and looks promising for future events.

Paul Easter drew and admitted that he could have been better-focused, but plans to change his mindset and get winning again.

Kickboxing competition Kickboxing competition
Kickboxing competition