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Unfortunately, self defence has become something that is very important in our society. It's a fact that crime is on the increase, and although this doesn't mean that we should become paranoid, it does mean that we should all be more aware and not take our safety for granted.

Good awareness of your environment extends from good self awareness, and this is something inherent in our Fei Lung training.

However, not everyone has the chance to train in Fei Lung (or sometimes in any martial art) so below is a small list of common sense self defence ideas that may help you to become more aware.

You have the right to defend yourself, but if you can escape or avoid a confrontation by being aware of it before it has even happened that is the best form of self defence you will ever use.

(We are not advocating the use of violence and the list below is not intended as a be all and end all - Fei Lung can take no responsibility for harm caused, by or to you, by reading it).

Self-Defence Tips

Going out to bars and clubs and avoiding drug rape

Drug-assisted sexual assault and rape is on the increase in the UK. The Metropolitan Police provide the following advice:

Childrens / Young Adults Self-Defence Tips

Practising good personal safety habits from a young age is very important, we shouldn't make children paranoid, but we should help them to learn about being more aware.

For information on our Childrens Kickboxing Classes click here

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