Kids Classes

Fei Lung Kids’ Kickboxing Classes help children to learn many different things.

Our “Little Dragons” see their training as the ultimate after-school activity, but that’s not where the benefits of the classes end.

The classes are structured to integrate martial arts with increasing a child’s sense of self-worth and improving their co-ordination and fitness.

They gain:

  • Self control, self confidence and self discipline
  • Respect for adults and fellow students
  • The value of setting goals and then working towards those goals
  • Non-violent techniques in conflict-resolution as well as practical ways to defend themselves and others

These classes are also beneficial for children with Aspergers, Attention Deficit Disorder and for children with learning difficulties, channelling their concentration through the Martial Arts.

Classes are open to children aged 7 and up. These classes are very popular so please call to reserve a place for your child.


Rectory Lane
Foots Cray
Sidcup, Kent

To find out more or to book a place please call our children’s co-ordinator Rebecca Nicks on 07989 869553

Children’s / Young Adults Self-Defence Tips