What is Fei Lung?

What is Fei Lung?


Fei Lung is a Martial Art that was established in Kent and London in 1999. Fei Lung is a combination of kick boxing, kung-fu and real-life street self-defence techniques that combine the practical and effective elements of many martial arts.

Fei Lung was developed by Terry Jacobs. Terry is a 5th Degree Black Belt with more than 30 years experience within the Martial Arts.

Terry has studied many styles and has fought competitively and now uses his expertise, knowledge and skills to teach and develop his own Martial Arts system – Fei Lung.

Fei Lung is an extemely adaptable and versatile Martial Art and self-defence system. The style benefits both the novice and the more experienced martial artist, and the club-like atmosphere is calm, friendly and relaxed.

The club has no time for bullies and both students and teachers support and help everyone who wishes to learn.

What is the main benefit of Fei Lung as a self-defence system?

I’d have to say it’s adaptability as an Art form. In the words of Bruce Lee, we take what is useful, and discard what is not. Fei Lung is constantly changing and developing. Different people have different physiologies, so a technique that is effective for me may be less practical for someone who isn’t as quick or agile as myself. In which case we (the student and I) would develop – or add to – the technique, making it more practical or achievable for them as an individual.

How achievable is the technical side of Fei Lung?

Anything is achievable if you’re willing to work at it. However, when you begin Fei Lung the emphasis is very much on Kickboxing. It is easy to pick up – if taught properly – and it is also a good foundations for moving on to more technical, effective, and precise techniques. As students progress up the grades, the style becomes more challenging, incorporating more elements of Kung Fu, Aikido, Ninjitsu, Tai Chi Chuan, Ju Jitsu, and many other Martial Arts. These techniques are introduced and practiced gradually at first, and then increased as the students progress.

Does the style invoke a sense of self discipline?

Our students are martial artists, one and all. The atmosphere in the school is good-humoured and relaxed. If anyone feels they need to make a pain of themselves, then they’re out on their ear, as it were. There is a mutual respect between the students, and a good community spirit. New students are treated with equality, and so far the school has created many groups of friends. This sense of community has helped to create a safe, relaxed, and above all effective learning environment. Our students’ sense of self discipline stems from knowing themselves, and this then extends out to other people. I’d prefer to say Self Awareness, as opposed to Self Discipline.

How much should I train?

As much as you can, perhaps with a day’s rest between sessions. A great teacher once said “…practice does NOT make perfect, practice makes permanent. Your practice must be perfect, otherwise you’ll only learn imperfection…”. In other words, it is important to practice correctly, otherwise you will never achieve perfection through that practice. That’s why people need, and will always need, good teachers.

So be safe, keep your hands up, and I hope to see you in class.